Signature of M

Entered an art competition called Signature of M. Its due tomorrow so I figured I better catch up with it. Its a weird brief. First of it all, it has to capture the essence of Melbourne, the city, people etc. OK. But then it requires the positioning of 100 logos!
Anyway, I had fun doing it though I wish I had more time as usual. Interestingly enough, my favourite part of the picture was the abstract background, light purples and pinks over a warm ochre. I thought it came out really nice.

Here's the initial drawing:

And the final concept piece:

Funnily enough, I had to create a really bare composition for the logos to fit in. I felt really uncomfortable looking at the original composition, but it definitely works much better in the logo version. I also added a few digital tweaks:

If I get through the concept round it will be nice, I will have to make up a much bigger final version. Fingers crossed...