Surfer Girl

Basically, just that - an illustration about surfing, waves, and girls who love surfing.

It was great fun drawing water also in this one. I've always been a big fan of the way numerous artists throughout history would depict water. Names like Hokusai, Turner, Monet come to mind...

The final illustration:

Sufer Girl
Painter and Photoshop, 27.5 x 30 cm @300dpi

Version one of the illustration below. I feel like this one needed more pop before I could call it finished. So, you can see how I altered the colours from the version to the final one above, making the colour more of an active participant in the image.

The initial pencil drawing which I inked digitally in Corel Painter, mainly with the scratchboard tool. Following this, I coloured it in Photoshop.