City Conversations

Walking down the streets, there are a lot of people talking. When you start to notice and pay attention, it becomes fascinating - different faces, voices, topics, gesticulations . . . all united in space.

With this painting I used found cardboard as surface, I really liked that extra gritty urban element it added, as well as the tape and plastic already attached to it. The scale is much much smaller than my recent works, and I really enjoyed the intimacy. The faces are the most cartoon-like I have gone in my work, and it was a lot of fun. Looking to experiment with more caricature in the future.

The painting:

City Conversations
acrylic, enamel, marker, pen and graphite on found cardboard
30 x 30 cm

I had some space so I created this experimental installation based on the idea of city conversations. The idea was to juxtapose and layer more materials and images with real objects. You might be able to recognize some of my other work here!