I have two sketchbooks. One is a moleskine, which I post regualarly on this blog. The other is A4 landscape format book with a black hardcover, which I call imaginatively "Black Landscape Sketchbook" and I post semi-regularly. In the moleskine I draw with drawing pens while with the black landscape sketchbook I use black biro pens. It's a weird rule I seem to have.

Part of my new year's resolution is to draw more in this book and to post drawings from it. So here are some drawings from the black landscape sketchbook:

Dolls can be a bit eerie to look at for a long time!

I attended a seminar in July last year (2009), and spent a lot of it just drawing while still recovering from a back injury.

Sleeping on the grass.

This is new year's nostalgia. I did this drawing as my last drawing for 2008, on the 31st December.