Life Drawing @ No Vacancy Gallery

Last night I did some life drawing at No Vacancy Gallery with a model named Hannah. It has been a while since I've done any life drawing but I had a lot of fun getting back into it and shaking off all that rust!

This was my first time to do life drawing there and there were some noticeable differences from what I was used to: beers and wine for $2, the seating was better (everyone accounted for), free art materials, and some group drawing exercises in the beginning.

Here's what came out of it:

2 minute poses (plus a little warm-up sketch of a guy a few seats down)

5 min pose

10 min pose

10 min pose?

To finish off the night, I made two 20 min pose drawings. These were done on big newsprint paper. I usually hate life drawing on this paper, because it doesn't hold dry media pigment well and its hard to store. However, I'm going to cut them up and use the shapes in a painting (a la de Kooning):

20 min pose

20 min pose

One of the exercises was to pass your drawing onto a few people and they add a bit more. There were some interesting shapes and I created this abstraction from it the next day (if you turn your head you might be able to see the original drawing):