Illustration: Office

A new digital illustration, in which I got to have a lot of fun playing with Photoshop towards the end of the piece. I really liked the idea of an ordinary office environment being disrupted by this superhuman presence.

The final illustration:

Graphite and Photoshop CS3, 29.5cm x 41.5cm @ 450 dpi

Process shots. When working on my layout, my focus was on the action of the piece. To dramatise this, I chose a low POV and off-centre so I will have plenty of diagonal lines running through the picture.

In the final line drawing, you can see I didn't include the shattered glass in the background, as I thought about doing it digitally. (I actually brought this drawing back in and used it for the final illustration!)

With the flats on the right, just making sure the colours are different from neighbouring areas, as well as using as few colours as possible. I also enjoy discovering unexpected colour combinations in the flats.

Here is the girl's face in the laptop. I decided to do it separately and in different technique. No reason, other that my gut instinct said it felt right.

And, as I said in the beginning of this post, the rest was just colouring and basically having loads of fun in Photoshop to nail the illustration!