Illustration: Cafes and Smart Phones

One of the classic marketing tool for the illustrator is the postcard. Some ADs love 'em, some hate'em, but they're a great low cost way of putting yourself out there in front of the right people.

Currently, I'm thinking of some ideas to grab that Art Director's attention and store me away in their mental filing case. And during this process I go over my illustration portfolio and think about ways to make it better, more marketable etc.

As part of that effort I decided to make some more "lifestyle" pictures - illustrations of life around us, issues  that affect us and all that. This illustration is about people, cafes, and how the new wave of smart phones are revolutionizing (is that even a word?) our lives.

Cafes and Smartphones
Ink and Digital Color (Photoshop)

Here is part of my illustration process. My original ink drawing is below, which I later scanned and colored in Photoshop, as well as adding halftone screen dots.

The original ink drawing