Windy Trees

2011 comes to a close... Wow.

Well, this is my last blog post for 2010. It's been a good year, I feel like I'm improving, I've been lucky enough to travel and be healthy. Next year I hope to build on my work and really start developing some good stuff.

Also, a big Thank You to everyone out there who's been reading my little corner of the blogging world, I really enjoy sharing my work and thoughts out there. Expect a lot more in the new year!

Finally, to end 2010, here's a one-page comic, titled "Windy Trees." I've been experimenting a lot with the comics medium recently, and have some longer works in process. But I also like one-pagers and strips (such as Roy Crane) - they are like little poems.

Windy Trees
Ink on paper + Digital halftone

See you next year!