Drum Illustration

Late last year, I was commissioned to do a drum kit design illustration. The brief was to make it black and white, plus Victorian floral style with the license to add weird things in the details. On top of that, I had to make one illustration to apply to three drums.

I created a design that could be adapted to three drums - floor, kick and rack - while still keeping their own identity and adding something new to the mix by adapting the illustration to different sizes within the one picture.

The final illustrations:

Drum - Floor
Vector artwork

Drum - Kick
Vector artwork

Drum - Rack
Vector artwork

To achieve the final result, the process started off from rough drawing to inked drawing, with approvals and modifications from the client along the way.

The rough drawing:
Drum - Rough concept
Pencil on paper

The original drawing, with red lines showing the different drums:
Drum - Finished drawing
Pencil on paper

The final inked drawing. The requirement was that this project had to be a vector, so during inking a lot of simplification took place. You can see my test scribbles along the top, which I find quite interesting.
After this, it was taken into Adobe Illustrator to be live-traced and coloured.

Ink on paper

Currently, the drums are off being printed. Here are the flat designs and I will post final photos as I get them.