Osaka Murals

Flashback to 2005! Browsing through the archives I found this gem. From 2004 to 2005 I was living in Osaka, Japan. Though I was doing mostly english teaching, I was lucky enough to do a bunch of theatre set design work. One of the projects was a bunch of murals in a warehouse near the main city.
I made a whole bunch of murals based on the theme of entertainment. This involved painting a lot of the things I love to paint – acrobats, clowns, circus, burlesque dancers and the like. Throw in old movie posters and Charlie Chaplin and we were having a ball! There was a lot of creative freedom in this project, and I think it shows in the final murals. 
Myself in front of a freestyle mural painting.

A massive Charlie Chaplin wall we painted - a lot of black paint and several sessions on scaffolding (I hate heights).