Pen and Ink plus Der Krieg

An idea to do some graphic work has been in my head and refusing to leave. Been thinking about doing a series on a theme, with bits and pieces from the environment in which I live. This has been accompanied by much scouring through different artists, and analyzing their strokes, from Goya to Picasso to Paul Pope.
Above is a piece in which I just let the nib / brush move around and have fun, with no reason or cause. I like to do this as a warm-up sometimes, especially with a medium I haven't used in a while. It's surprisingly fun and you find yourself walking down alleys you never thought about.

On another note, on a whim , decided to go to the National Gallery and see a free exhibition of Otto Dix - his Der Krieg. These were a series of etchings he made following his experiences of WW1. They were very powerful and his lines were great to look at; gritty, tough, expressive. Liked how he built up his forms, funnily enough they reminded me of Paul Pope in some areas. This was a catalyst in getting me started on my own graphic work.