Exhibition: The Satirical Eye (part 1)

I went to the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) a few days ago. There's a free exhibition, The Satirical Eye, with prints from Daumier, Hogarth and Goya. I am a huge Goya fan, but on this day I was blown away by Honore Daumier.

His talent, wit and imagination are extraordinary. Daumier has an uncanny line; biting, mocking and straight to the point. It penetrates and wraps itself around his forms with a beautiful simplicity that takes years to master. Funnily enough, it reminds me of Picasso's line, who also liked to make fun.

Some pictures . . .

The linework here is amazing. The weight of line, description of form plus the character and ease of execution. Crazy!

This is just funny. He has a great ability to capture the right moment.

To draw a head in this position is pretty hard. Daumier does it easily, simplifying his lines for maximum effect.

A beautiful composition and sense of story. Awesome ability to draw forms thrusting in and out of space, especially the hands. I also like the use of clothes to wrap lines around the form, and seeing the arm under the clothes - not to mention the expression and movement!

It's interesting to see the print with type and handwriting.

A closeup. I wonder what it means?