James Jean in Melbourne @ Outre Gallery

I was so excited when James Jean announced he's coming to Melbourne. And yesterday was the day! We were lucky to get copies of Kindling (we got 3 of the last 6!). Thank you to that guy on the street who told us about it.

James was really nice and he's got long hair now. He wore all black and reminded me of some kind of kung fu master! But book signings are a bit weird (for me, anyway) and I never know what to say, or remember something long after. This happened again, all I could stammer was a "you're a big inspiration".

Enough talk, here are some photos:

James Jean agreed to have a picture with me. Woohoo!

View from the back

Me before I had a picture with James

Sixto and James

Cheri and James

Nervous fans

Long line outside in the cold

Pure excitement!

And, of course, the signed page of Kindling. - Thank you James!