Moleskine: More Sketches from Japan

Yes, I've been a bit slack uploading my moleskine sketches. One reason is that I've been so busy completing my masters, the other is that I don't like posting too many at one time! Don't ask me why - maybe I'm scared I'll run out of things to post!

Here are some more moleskine sketches, straight from Japan. I'm going to make a concentrated effort keep posting these up. I've been working on a whole bunch of other stuff so I'll get some WIPS up as well as newer sketches.

Hmmm ... I bought a little tub of orange sumi ink. They use this ink to correct the students.

An expressway in Chihaya, Fukuoka. I was really inspired by these layered networks of roads, 3-4 levels high, snaking their way through landscape.

Just before leaving Hakata, Fukuoka. I really enjoyed Fukuoka, and I was sad to leave. We had a bit extra time before the bus left so I quickly went around the corner to draw a keepsake.

The bus ride home. A combination of sleeping, music, people, patterns, shirts, screws, and railings.