Here is a new painting, called "Pavement". The inspiration behind it was the experience of walking along these multitudes of pathways, moving in hordes of directions, cutting and bisecting each other; overloaded with textures, sounds, energy.

Elwood is the place I live. It is a place I am deeply attached to, as I grew up here and I still consider it the best place to live in Melbourne. It has trees, beach, parks, art deco apartments - basically a visual rhythm that I find addictive and wanted to express.

Another thing that I love about Elwood is that most of the streets are named after poets, such as Tennyson Street and Shakespeare Grove. So, scattered within the picture are some of these names.

The final painting:

Acrylic, ink, enamel, masking tape, coloured pencil, crayon, oil pastel, letraset, pen, staples, marker on paper
152 x 194 cm


Detail Views:

And finally, some pics of the painting in progress: