Moleskine: More Sketches from Japan

OK, I'm in the process of finishing a lot of work at the moment which means I can post a lot more up.

Back to the moleskine, here are some more from Japan:

Hanging out, enjoying early morning coffee somwehere in Namba. Across from us were Pachinko parlours, with lines of people already queuing up. I was also fascinated by the pattern of tiles on the ground.

Visited the old farmhouse open museum in Osaka. A really peaceful place and well worth the 500 yen. Each house had its own stamp so you can see I went a bit crazy with them!

One of the biggest farmhouses, I responded to the shapes within shapes with a simple line.

We were fortunate to hang out with a bunch of guys that carved masks for No and Kabuki plays. Inspired the encounter, we stumbled upon this old fire engine (sort of steampunk) and just HAD to draw it.

I love the 100 yen stores in Japan! After buying a bunch of paints, I had a little fun...