Slipping Into Unconsciousness

The process of slipping into sleep / unconsciousness, the passage to the dream, the moment where both worlds fuse as a series of fragments. These were the inspiration and ideas behind this painting.

Colour was a major concern here, as I tried to make it more expressive of the subject. I had a lot of difficulty with this painting, and it wasn't until the end that the deep blue became my "key" colour (a bit like in printing where the K in CMYK holds it together), as well as becoming symbolic of the mental state I was trying to achieve.

The integration of pattern was an important consideration. Artists like Henri Matisse and Yoshitaka Amano were a huge influence (as well as the pillow in the installation shots), and I wanted to use the stripe pattern as a secondary backup rhythm to the blue. A bit like the bass guitar to the drum!

The final painting:

Slipping Into Unconsciousness
acrylic, enamel, pastel, staples, adhesive plastic, charcoal, pen, ink, graphite, letraset, masking tape and coloured pencil on paper
152 x 194 cm


Detail Views:

A bunch of WIPS I took at various stages of completion. Looking back over these, the idea was always there, even though the layers of refinement operated on a very intuitive system. Anyway, its interesting to look back over how the work has evolved: