Moleskine: More Sketches From Japan

The final instalment of my moleskine sketches from Japan. This batch actually marked the start of a new book. One of my aims with this book is to make more of an effort to be more experimental. These pictures mark the end of my stay in Japan. I was really quite sad to leave as I had a great time and there are some friends I might not see again.

Here they are:

Osaka Aquarium. The best aquarium I've ever seen. Anybody in Osaka, you have to see it. It was hard to draw as there were throngs of people.

Sitting at a cafe.

My bedroom. I was lucky to stay with some friends who had a really nice apartment in the middle of the city. In Japan, there are sudden shifts in perspective that really inspired me, and I think its really evident in ukiyo-e.

Expressways. Something about these monoliths fascinate me.

In Namba, there is a Mister Donut that had a perfect seating for drawing, as well as being open early in the morning and having free coffee refills. A big bonus when you're sketching away!