Tennyson St. Daydream

A recent theme in my work has been the conflict between the individual and the urban landscape. I continued exploring this idea in this work. Tennyson St is where I live and a place I like to walk around and come up with ideas.

I also tried to maintain a greater variety in the surface quality. The photos here don't accurately show it, but the surfaces vary between a matte paper to a gloss black enamel to tracing paper to sheets of translucent plastic.

Zen art and Chinese brush paintings have been influential on me lately. I love how these artists conjure up amazing mountain views and crazy monks with a few swishes of black ink on paper. I tried to incorporate these in the details here, where you can look at them and find hidden views within the whole.

The final painting:

Tennyson St. Daydream
acrylic, enamel, staples, adhesive plastic, tracing paper, charcoal, pen, ink, cloth tape, graphite, letraset and masking tape on paper
152 x 100 cm

Detail views: