We are all connected.

This is the idea behind the illustration : life and the interconnectivity of life (maybe Avatar creeped up on me!). I liked the analogies between things, such as tree branches / veins / pipes and tried to incorporate them into the illustration. The classic Madonna pose, mother and child, I liked how I was able to transplant into a new meaning but not discard with the old.

The final illustration:

Photoshop CS3 and Corel Painter IX, 28 x 37 cm @ 450 dpi

Here is the the original version. Although I felt there were elements in the illustration worth developing and building upon, I didn't feel it expressed a feeling of connection strongly enough.

The initial pencil drawing. It was drawn on grid paper, which caused me trouble later on when I was trying to keep certain pencil elements but get rid of the grid lines! I learnt my lesson.