Illustration Friday: Perspective

Here's my entry for Illustration Friday topic of Perspective.

Two things inspired this picture. One was the idea of seeing things in a new way, new perspectives. Such as being much bigger than usual, or a mirror looking back at you. Second was the quote behind the topic, where it mentioned a dog and a cat - well, my dog became a wolf!

I drew this picture on some metallic A4 size paper, with 3-4 pens of various sizes. Most of it was done with a 0.3 though. I wasn't sure how the pens would react to the paper but it seemed to work fine. During the drawing I kept thinking how much it looked like an etching and I really enjoyed building up layers of marks. I've really been getting into drawing again and this topic was another excuse to make another one!

Pen on metallic paper
21 x 29 cm