Three Pencil Drawings

Three pencil drawings I made yesterday.

I haven't used pencil much for years, except for building up roughs. So, when I found myself at home with a few pencils and some beat up pieces of paper I just let them go to work. They're a bit different than my normal work but I've been making an effort recently to push myself in new directions, as well as to lose refinement. Each piece is A3 size.

A memory of Queenscliff. I sat in the backyard of a friend's place one morning and drew a few lines. I started working this picture up yesterday, building up darks and textures, getting me hungry for more pencil work.

Late one night I was sitting outside 7-11 and just watched these Two homeless guys leafing through a bin. They had a funny dynamic, really strong characters. This has stayed in my mind for ages and I was waiting for the right time to draw it.

My wife, Cheri, just had some wisdom teeth pulled out and I couldn't resist drawing her with a bandage around her head. I don't know why it came out very Picasso-cubist style, it just did!