Moleskine Drawings

Looked through some drawings on my moleskine and realized I hadn't put any up in a while! So here are a few more:

Hanging out Guildford Lane Gallery, installing artworks. A lot of downtime, so I sat on an old beat-up couch and drew.

Le Specs brings back memories of my childhood in the 80s! The sheer physical weight and volume of the woman inspired me, but I still feel unhappy that I couldn't quite express it the way I wanted to. I guess in the back of my mind were Henry Moore's drawings.

Mangoes... I wanted to paint light and life. Something to celebrate the new decade.

Travelling on the Sorrento to Queenscliff Ferry.

Dolls, people. I recently read Lolita and I wrote the quote because it was funny. (I also made an illustration on Lolita in an earlier post, here.)