Some recent drawings from my moleskine:

Greville Street, Prahran (Melbourne, Australia). I tend to sketch when I'm waiting around and this one is no different.

The view from the backstairs, a scene I often look at but never draw. However, it was a beautiful summer evening and I couldn't resist!

Moroccan table at a cafe/bar I go to once in a while.

A Moreton Bay Fig Tree - probably my favourite type of tree if I had to pick one. It would be between this one and the Dutch Elm, but I think the Moreton Bay Fig Tree would win out. I especially love them in Brett Whiteley's artwork. The writing is a quote from a Michael Ondaatje book I was reading at the time, Divisadero.

People and a girl in blue. I was experimenting with leaving open lines, trying to let the shapes blend in together.

Another waiting around picture, this time in a business park. Really boring, but no one to bother me, also!