Harlequin, Rooster and Dog

The harlequin is a character in art history that has always fascinated me. Picasso is most famous for his use of the harlequin, but it's interesting to check out the harlequin in other artists like Miro, Cezanne, Watteau, Le Nain brothers. Like Picasso, I have at times identified with the status of the harlequin as an outsider to society, the joker in a pack of cards.

The customary colours of harlequin are red and black, but I have chosen blue and white because I think they are a better reflection of myself, as well as the mood of the painting.

It's painted in acrylic on wood and the pattern in the background is done with a biro pen. I like the contrast of materials, as well as the contemporary aspect that the biro pen brings.

Harlequin, Rooster and Dog
Acrylic and biro pen on wood
50 x 40 cm

Detail views: