Late last year, I split the two streams of my work into two websites (mainly because people were getting confused): fine art at and illustration art at . They are different, but also related - one explores my imagination and the other explores my reality.

Transit is a painting from my "fine art" stream. In these works I explore our fragmentary experience of existence through a myriad of metaphors in paint, from marks to lines to image. This painting is based on a tram ride that itself acts a metaphor for life.

More and more, I am using a greater variety of materials to engage with contemporary culture. Because of this I've been using paper as I find they take a greater variety of materials better.

With this painting I went back to traditional materials: oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas. This is part economic, part passion - I love canvas, and people prefer to buy works on canvas! The black is a heavy gloss enamel that adds a reflective quality which can't be seen in these photos properly.

The final painting:

Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas
90 x 120 cm

Detail views: