Moleskine: NYC drawings part 1

Here's the first batch of moleskine drawings from my NYC sojourn.

For one month (June) in NYC, I maintained two sketchbooks during my stay - my moleskine and a larger A4 sketchbook. Once I post all of my moleskine drawings, expect to find the other sketchbbok drawings up - more brush and ink, and some collage.

Travelling time. Melbourne to New York City with a stopover in LA is a really, really long flight. The sticker is from the folk art museum, where there was a Henry Darger exhibition, and a lot of great folk art. Free (donation) on Fridays! Plus a great place to sit and have some tea.

After checking out some galleries in Chelsea, we sat down at some apartments somewhere to rest our weary feet. When you go to NYC, be prepared to walk!

Hanging out at the New York City Public Library.  C had to do some work so I sat and drew which is always a bonus. When I draw something, I feel I experience it on a deeper level than looking or photographing it.

New York Public Library. A grand old building, I had fun drawing the chandelier in the laptop room.

I stayed in New Jersey and caught the train into New York City every day. The train was perfectly set up to draw the other passengers without getting detected.

People watching at Bryant Park, probably one of the best places in New York City to relax, sit and enjoy a coffee.