Moleskine: NYC drawings part 3

The last batch of my New York City moleskine drawings. After this, I'll post my other drawings of NYC, mostly done in brush and ink.

 Various people on the train. One thing about NYC is that there are so many interesting conversations to be overheard! A real writer's paradise...
 A woman with a particularly colourful top. I just bought some crayons from the 99c store and was happy to use them!

 Some quick sketches of Greek and Roman statues at the Met. I felt a bit self-conscious while making these because there were a lot of people walking and looking. The Greek area was the best place to draw, mainly because there were a lot of seats, and you can see many people drawing there. I found myself much more inspired by the African sections, but there were no seats!
 Some more sketches in the Met. This time at the cafe, where we had a coffee.

The end. On the right, I was waiting at a clothes store so I drew some maniquins. There's something eerie about them. On the left, waiting for my flight back to Melbourne from LAX. Tried combining different drawings together. More crayons and markers from the 99c store!