Red Book: NYC part 1

My favourite paper store in Melbourne, Dragon Papers, closed down a year ago* and I bought a bunch of sketchbooks. They were from some Italian brand, with a great off-white paper, and I really like them. They're also quite affordable and open flat.

So I took an A4 red cover one to New York City. I wanted to use a different medium, wanted to push myself more in this book. I bought three bottles of ink in NYC - black, blue, and red - and used them with a brush. Eventually I added more stuff, like collage, crayons and markers.

*Still operational, though from a warehouse location in Port Melbourne. Check out their website for details..

Here's the first installment:

 Somewhere in SOHO. After watching a painting demonstration from Jeremy Lipking at Arcadia Gallery, I popped around the corner, ate a hot dog and drew the intersection.
 At the Natural History Museum I was struck by a display of shrunken heads. I made this picture inspired by it later that night.
 Pier 76. Sitting down near the water and drawing away.

 A view of New York City from the waterfront area (somewhere near Pier 76). Basically 5 minutes walk from the previous drawing.

 A building across the road from Bryant Park. Trying to simplify my picture, making it bolder and more graphic.

Bryant Park. A beautiful place to hang out and draw. Also got a great public toilet which is really clean.