Illustration: River Oji

Here is a digital illustration I made of River Oji, basically my version of a Japanese painting of the theme. Flipping through a book of classical Japanese art, I stumbled upon a beautiful painting of the River Oji in Kyoto by an anonymous artist.

River Oji
Brush and ink + Photoshop

Funnily enough, the picture that inspired me was a detail of the picture! Here are some photos of the original painting:

[update: here they are!]

Original detail shot

The complete painting I found afterwards

Also, browsing through the internet, I discovered a few pictures of the river by Hiroshige. Interesting to see how different artists focus on different elements of a scene.

And to finish of with, the original ink drawing. A pain to scan - 4 separate scans on my A3 scanner!

River Oji
Brush and ink