Painting Study: NYC Fragments

Looking over photos I took in NYC, I have noticed a trend develop in my photography - the fragment.

This is something that has been brewing for a few years, and I've seen some of these photos in ones I took during earlier trips to Japan. Back then, I was much less conscious of it. But now, I actively exploit and explore these ideas in my paintings, along with concepts of layering and juxtaposition.

So, with a camera in hand, I try to capture examples of fragments in the real world, while in painting I create fragments of my inner world. I guess there is an argument for all art to be but fragments, as well as memory and reality. Whoa! I'm getting a bit deep here!

In a sense, they act as both finished works and as sketches/prep works. I found a few rules apply when I take these pictures (I'm still trying to figure out why!):

1. Keep it flat. Each picture must be as flat as possible, and this means taking the photo as straight on to the viewer as possible. I think this is to cancel out perspective/distance and concentrate on the layers.

2. Organic layering. The more natural, the more marks, the more layers - the more history - the better.

The NYC fragments: