Illustration: Beach Girl

This illustration is all about having fun in the sun while referencing 40s beach style. For my colour palette I tried to mute them down while still retaining some pop.

Beach Girl
Ink + Digital Colour

Here's the rough pencil drawing, followed by the ink drawing before the inevitable translation into pixels:

Beach Girl
Graphite on paper

Beach Girl
Ink on paper, 210 x 420mm

Actually, the interesting thing is that once done, it was pointed out to me that her right foot is actually a left foot! Aargh! Don't you hate it when that happens? And don't you wish you spotted it in the rough drawing?

However, mistakes are part of the business and you got to learn to roll with them as they pop up. Luckily in this digital age, tools like Photoshop help us artists make corrections without having to start again. 

I'll update this post soon with the corrected version - stay posted!