Development work.
The initial roughs, sketched out quickly while riding on the tram:

Inked drawing before it's coloured in Photoshop:

A couple of months ago, I was sitting around a table with a bunch of fellow artists, trying to get the theme of a group exhibition down on paper. Several words and ideas were thrown around, my idea being "tapestry". Eventually, everyone settled for interpretations of the word "montage" though I still preferred tapestry and they asked me to make a picture for all the promotional material. Walking down the street after the meeting I came up with the idea of a woman knitting herself. Something like that. Montage. Bits and pieces. Maybe still had the idea of tapestry in my head. Now I'm crunching out this picture. Though hard at first, I think its come together. Here is the final. Take a look. You'll recognise I injected some details of the pictures from last post into the background stripes. There is something I find appealing about recycling pictures within pictures, especially the way Matisse used to quote his own works.