Red Book: NYC part 3

Part 3 of the NYC drawings I made in my red sketchbook.

Left: Henry Darger. One Friday night we tried to get free entry into the MOMA but it was packed with people. So we went next door to the Folk Art Museum which is also free on Friday nights. The artwork was amazing, and the Henry Darger exhibition upstairs was inspiring - as well as a lot of space to move around!
Right: I stayed in the basement of a big house in South Orange, New Jersey. The big, green trees everywhere were stunning as well as the fireflies. We don't get them down here in Australia so I was amazed. Throughout my stay I could never get tired of them.

A street view from St Paul's Cathedral, on the other side of the World Trade Center site. St Paul's felt like a little oasis in the big city.
Another drawing done from St Paul's. This time facing the other way.
Greely Square. As mentioned in an earlier post, my favourite place to start the day, a nice early morning coffee.

Another view of Greely Square.
Weeping willow inside Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
The view from Borders, above Penn Station. I only had one train every hour so quite often I would come here and wait.

Train view. The clicking is the train inspector, which was his signal to say "Hey I'm coming so show me your tickets!"