Red Book: NYC part 4

Part 4 of the NYC drawings I made in my red sketchbook. These were all studies I made visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is impossible not to fall in love with! To my material list I added some crayons and markers from Jacks 99c store.

 Greek statue. It was fun using colours to interpret the monoschrome. 
The Burghers of Calais. Probably my favourite Rodin scuplture, and I was happy there were seats to sit and draw next to it! What struck me was the unbelievable rhythms running through his forms.Also go to test out my new markers!
C sleeping in the morning. The hair on the mouth reminded me of old Japanese prints, like Utamaro.

The cafe at the Met. Another great place to sit and draw.
Musuem Studies. I really found the graphic element of the African works inspiring. Top right is a tapestry study of a gothic tapestry. I found the flatness, the compressed space, and repeating colours particularly interesting.
More studies. Patterns, forms.