Red Book: NYC part 5

Part 5 of the NYC drawings I made in my red sketchbook.

Here is the end of the trip, the party is over, and me trying desperately to put down anything. I had all these ideas about things I wanted to see, to draw, to make, and couldn't get to it in time. I wanted to use all my ink up.

I was beginning to see NYC in more abstract terms, in order to express the feeling it gave me. Most of these pictures are attempts at that.

Farewell drawings to Greely Square.

My last train ride out of NYC. I was sad but happy to have experienced this place I loved so much. 

One last picture while I did some late night packing.

This is the end of the New York City drawings I've been posting this past month. There's still a few more floating around, but I'll post it another day. I've been working on paintings and comics so expect to see them very soon!