28th Worldwide Sketchcrawl : Melbourne

Being a member of the sketchcrawl I never was able to participate in them, due to timetables and plain forgetfulness. So when I saw it was on this past weekend, nothing was gonna stop me!

Usually with sketchcrawl, people meet up in cities all around the world and draw together. Unfortunately in Melbourne, nothing was happening* so I went solo. Drawing is (to me at least) a solitary activity so I didn't mind.

*Actually Nori was supposed to meet me but I was at the wrong pond! Sorry dude!

I decided to draw around Carlton and the city area. First I started off sitting across from The Napier, which is a pretty cool looking pub.
A backstreet behind the Carlton Gardens.
Veered off to the city a bit. Found a secluded spot.
Back to Carlton gardens. Trees. Also trying to mix up my linework more.
The old Royal Exhibition building. Had some ink leftover so I tried to use as much as possible. (I can be a real tightass when it comes to art materials.)